There are several methods of roulette that involve taking advantage of the winning streak. When you win, you double your bet for a “let it go” scenario. If you win, you can either take your winnings and bet all over again or take half and make the bet a little less than the last move, but bigger than the initial move. When you lose again, you return to bet the same amount with each round and this continues until you win again.

As you watch the roulette and watch what happens and how the numbers result, you may notice that the same number appears twice in a row.

That is why people who place bets at will often leave one of the chips in the number that appeared in the previous move. The chance that the same number will appear in one of the next moves is very high.

Watching roulette

That has already been said. Observing the roulette is of utmost importance. Dealers may be dropping the ball at the same speed and angle each time, causing the ball to drop a few spaces around the space of the last round. This signal can eliminate some numbers based on an area where it has fallen frequently.

There is also the possibility that the roulette wheel is unbalanced. Casinos will check roulette frequently, but this can happen. This would cause the roulette wheel to rotate more to one side than the other and favor one half of the numbers more than the other.

The roulette results would have to be recorded in the thousands to understand, but it could mean something if you look at 20 or 30 rounds before you put your chip in to bet.

Often, casinos will have an electronic screen showing around the last 18 numbers. Some are so digitally advanced that they calculate the probability percentage of red against black and even against odd, which can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Watch the roulette and see how it works. Only then can you apply any type of strategy to calculate how to win money at roulette.